April 2018:

April 15th 2018:Doctor Liping Sun became a member of Zhaolab.Great!

January 2018:

January 16th 2018:Doctor Valentina Loconte from Italy became a member of Zhaolab.Great!

November 2017:

November 9th 2017:Zhaolab and Schrödinger held a Schrödinger Workshop in ShanghaiTech.

September 2017:

September 22th 2017:Suwen attended Frontier of Genetics and Genomics 2017 and gave a talk in FoGG2017.

August 2017:

August 26th 2017:Zhaolab members attended the 2017 CPA-EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry.

August 15th 2017:Professor Andrej Sali visited iHuman Institute and talked with Zhaolab members.

July 2017:

July 17th 2017:Doctor Huaiqing Cao from Peking University became a member of Zhaolab.Great!

July 6th 2017:Zhaolab published an article titled Crystal structures of agonist-bound human cannabinoid receptor CB1 in Nature.Congratulations to Zhaolab!

June 2017:

June 29th 2017:Suwen and Zhaolab Members attended the 16th Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America International Symposium.

May 2017:

May 25th 2017:Fan Zhou passed her graduation thesis defenses.Congratulations to her!

May 19th 2017:Suwen attended the 2017 Human Microbiome Conference.

May 15th 2017:Zhaolab and Schrödinger, LLC held a Schrödinger Software Workshop.

May 15th 2017:Suwen attended the Cold Spring Harbor Asia conferences.

April 2017:

April 23th 2017:Xuyang Liu became a doctor candidate after the qualifying examination.Congratulations to him!

March 2017:

March 17th 2017:Suwen gave a talk in 2017 Queenstown Molecular Biology Meetings.

March 9th 2017:Yiran Wu became the research assistant professor of Zhaolab.Congratulations to her!.